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  1. 1939 buick holes under radio?

    Thanks Terry, that makes perfect sense, just never entered my mind.
  2. 1939 buick holes under radio?

    Here is where this has been discussed before - hope this helps....http://forums.aaca.org/topic/293224-1939-dashboard-photos/?tab=comments#comment-1604812
  3. 1939 buick holes under radio?

    The map light is located to the left of the radio, as you have pictured. I have always assumed the other hole is for accessory heater/defroster controls, but don't know that for certain. On my car the prior owner had installed another map light. When I replaced the wiring with Rhode Island kit, there was only provision for the one map light.
  4. 1939 Turn signal indicator lense

    I found some acrylic jewels at Michael's (I think). They had foil backing that I scraped off - just fit. Here is photo of it installed and also the package.
  5. Need a big wallet for this one

    6,500,000 Thai Baht equals 208,325.00 US Dollars

    We live in a suburb on the North side of Dallas, Texas. We tour with our AACA Chapter group 4-5 times a year, drive it to our monthly AACA and BCA meetings, and usually take it out 2 or 3 times a week for 15-20 mile runs. Have had the car since August 2010, and have logged just about 20,000 miles, mostly in good weather, but it is not allergic to rain.
  7. AACA Region or Chapter Near Dallas

    Hi Roger, I sent you a PM about our AACA Chapter in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.
  8. Vacuum Advance Tube and Fittings...

    '39 vacuum tubing is steel, suspect '38 is as well.
  9. Yep, took the Buick for a drive and stopped by the State Inspection Station I use to get it inspected. Third time there this year, modern cars were due in January and February. All three passed with no issues, so good to go for another year - yea!
  10. What's your Dream Buick?

    Buick "Y" Job - even before I saw Jay Leno's Garage segment!
  11. Yesterday was a beautiful day in North Texas, so we took the Buick shopping to the Texas Pecan Factory. About 20 miles round trip, and we are scheduled for rain today and Wednesday, so may be a couple of days till we get it out again.
  12. Fat Fender Friday

    Deleted by poster.
  13. Fat Fender Friday

  14. Wheel/Tire balancing on pre-War cars

    I have 650-16 Firestones on my '39 Buick that Discount Tire mounted and balanced, and never have had an issue. Have had the car up to 65+ mph for short periods when passing or entering the freeway with no shimmy or shake.
  15. Weatherman was not wrong, has rained every day since Saturday - think we are at about 8 inches and still counting. Supposed to be sunny Sunday and Monday, so may get to enjoy the Buick then.