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  1. Saskatchewan hoard

    1964 Pontiac Buick? It's definitely a Pontiac but I don't know where they got the Buick part from....
  2. 1949 Buick

    I had a '49 Special a few years ago. Does it look similar to this?
  3. I felt the same way but fortunately Ebay made a change a couple of years ago and stopped charging extra for 10 day auctions so now I run them all for 10 days. I also get 50 free listings a month with no listing fees....
  4. I found this online in case some of you guys had never heard of the BCCA. If anyone knows what the name is of the founder of the BCCA please post it here.... "In early 1966, a Buick lover by the name of Greg Fallowfield, later shortened to Greg Field, was a member of the Pittsburgh, PA based. Buick Car Club of America (BCCA). Greg was lobbying to be allowed to start a chapter of the BCCA in California, but was not getting much cooperation from the head of the club."
  5. Thanks for the comments. I've sold over 30,000 automotive items on Ebay since 1999 so I have a slight clue what I'm doing. Most have been old car brochures (catalogs and folders), old shop and owner's manuals and old license plates. I normally sell these items individually but packaging and shipping 20 items this size would be a huge PITA and there's a good chance some would get damaged (unless I put a piece of plywood in with them LOL) with the way the USPS treats an oversized and very bendable item like this. With items that I expect to do well with I run them for 10 days over two weekends with them ending on Sunday evening so we'll see what happens. Thanks again for your input.... PS...............Attached are some of the license plates that I bought from the same estate. He had almost every year of PA plate from 1906 to 1958 and several very old ones from other states. I sold them individually with many selling for over $100 each....
  6. It starts tonight at 9 ET. https://www.ebay.com/itm/312019831507
  7. Thanks for the comments. The auction starts tonight and will run for 10 days so we'll see what happens....
  8. I've had these sitting in my office for about 10 years and finally decided to sell them on Ebay but I don't know what they're called. There are 20 of them and each has either "1941" or "1942" on the front bumper. They are all different and each measures approx. 13.5" x 21.5". At least one has a date stamp on the back from 1961 with "Economy Buick - Cleveland, Ohio" printed in pencil. Most are in pretty good shape except for the convertible one which has some staining on it. Could someone please tell me what they're called and what purpose they served? Thanks....
  9. I recently purchased a '70 Chevelle with this set of tires on it. They have less than 500 miles on them but I decided to put radials on the car instead. The date codes on them are 0216-second week (January) of 2016, two are 0316-third week of 2016, and the fourth one is 3715-37th week (September) of 2015. All are in excellent condition showing basically no wear at all. I did a search on the internet and the cheapest price I could find for them was $211 each from Coker so you can save almost $300 by buying these for $550. I have 22 pics in my Craigslist ad so please click on the link below to see them. Thanks... https://louisville.craigslist.org/wto/6390961750.html
  10. 1969 Chevelle SS 396 Convert

    I'm guessing that you like silver-colored cars. LOL. Mine was purchased new in August 1970 from Bill Heard Chevrolet in Columbus, GA by a guy who had just returned from Vietnam. He owned it until 2003 but I'm guessing that he didn't drive it much the last few years judging from the first pic that I posted....
  11. 1969 Chevelle SS 396 Convert

    That's a nice looking Chevelle. I just bought a '70 (real) SS396 recently. It has less than 500 miles on a frame-off restoration. A guy in northern Indiana bought it 4 years ago and just finished it this summer. Here's a couple of pics-before and after....
  12. 57 Buick Special Convertible crash - need some advise

    Sell it and let somebody else deal with fixing it because that job will be a gigantic PITA. As stated previously, you should have had an agreed value policy with Hagerty or another reputable classic car insurance company. NADA says average retail for your '57 Special convertible is $47k and high retail is $90k so yours is towards the upper end of that ballpark in my opinion. They give you a check and you go out and buy another classic and let somebody else put it back together or part it out. Whatever way you decide to go with it I wish you the best of luck....
  13. Old car enthusiast touring Eastern US.

    Goldenrod Garage in Freeport, Maine has dozens of old cars from the 20s to the 60s with about 15 being 1942 and older. I've spoken with the owner Neil on the phone a couple of times and he seems like a nice guy. All of the cars are for sale too. Enjoy your trip.... http://www.goldenrod-garage.com
  14. MASSIVE FIRE Country Classic Cars Staunton Il.

    A few years ago I owned a real nice dark blue '69 Firebird convertible. This one was gold and listed at $19,950 on their website.... As far as consignments go, someone on another site said 5% of their vehicles were consignments and CCC owned the rest.... .