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  1. Lebowski


    "Unsafe If It Starts" would be a good title...
  2. Lebowski


    I saved this for a few laughs from when I sold old car brochures on eBay. I couldn't sell this one for some reason. How about that powerful 54 hp engine?
  3. Lebowski

    1957 Buick Century Caballero Estate Wagon- moving sale

    Description? Location? Link to eBay listing?
  4. Lebowski

    1960 Buick LeSabre 1350 bucks

    2 or 4 door? Pics? Where is it?
  5. Lebowski

    1939 Lincoln Zephyr

    Posting your location wouldn't be a bad idea either. I know people can do a search for your area code but many people probably won't do that. Also, a better description would help too. Does it run and drive? Does everything on it work? If not what doesn't? The more info you include the better the chances are that you'll sell it. Good luck with the sale....
  6. Lebowski

    Car Interior Color question

    Much better. Thanks....
  7. Lebowski

    Car Interior Color question

    Did you see my comment in your first thread? What part of it didn't you understand? Please reread it and do this in the future. Thank you... In the future when you start a thread put something in the title that pertains to it such as "What car had the first one piece windshield?" Where are you from? Thanks...
  8. My first car which I got in the summer of '69 before my senior year of high school was a dark blue '65 Impala 2 door hardtop with this same 230 straight 6 but mine had a 3 on the tree. I'm glad to see that this one has survived so well and I hope that it goes to a good home. Good luck with the sale....
  9. Lebowski

    Route 66

    Do you have any idea why nothing is for sale? If he's "older than dirt" he should know that he's not going to live too many more years so why not part with some of this stuff? Does he have a son who works there? If not what's going to happen to it all? Thanks for the pics....
  10. I drove it around for half an hour today in 90 degree heat. After a few minutes the oil idiot light came on so I headed home. When I got here it was running fine with the fresh oil (Quaker State 10w40) that I put in on Tuesday so I'm pretty sure the problem is with the sending unit so I ordered a new one which will be here next week. Thanks for the input....
  11. I changed the oil and filter this morning and didn't see any tiny bits of metal or anything else in the oil and the oil idiot light didn't come on. The oil level is about 1/8" above full on the dipstick. I'm not going to take it on any long drives in this heat (95 this weekend) so hopefully the idiot light will stay off. Thanks again for the comments and advice....
  12. When I was 10 years old my grandparents pulled up to our house in a car that they had just purchased a few minutes earlier - a yellow '62 Impala SS with yellow bucket seats. I thought it was the coolest car that I had ever seen. I remember my grandmother asking us if we thought it was too sporty for them and of course I said no. I credit that as being the first time that somebody I knew had a really cool car that I could go for rides in. I still have the owner's manual from it with a lot of notes and oil change info in it....
  13. Lebowski

    Scam Alert

    I've sold hundreds of things on Craigslist from auto parts and cars to rocks and chain link fencing and have had no problems 99% of the time. If it's not a big item I meet them at a gas station a mile from my house. I tell them to call me when they get there instead of setting up a time to meet. Don't give up on CL just because of one bad experience....
  14. Lebowski

    Scam Alert

    Really? I'm glad she mentioned that because I would probably have checked the airlines that fly to Minneapolis....
  15. My dipstick is similar to yours except the full line is 3/4" above the add line and yours is an inch above it. I have the 1970 version of the service manual that you have. I'll change the oil and filter and see what happens. Thanks....