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  1. If you have a shop and know what you're doing I would say get it running and put a set of radial wide whites on it. Wash it and clean up the interior too. There are still a lot of people who like 4 doors so it's still a nice time capsule especially with the super low miles on it. As others have said, please post some pics and tell us where it is and check back in here occasionally and tell us what you've done to it. Good luck....
  2. I've been driving it for the last couple of weeks in 85-90 degree heat with the 20# cap and noticed that when I park it in the garage afterwards there is no coolant puddle under the car. Today I topped off the radiator with antifreeze and drove it for over an hour nonstop in 91 degree heat and there was still no overflow whatsoever when I parked it. The temp gauge showed 190-200 the whole time so it definitely wasn't overheating so my question is why would the radiator always spit out coolant with the 15# cap but it spits out nothing with the 20# cap?
  3. You're contradicting yourself here. Which one are you looking for?
  4. Lebowski

    Trade advice,comments

    No, I haven't. Why is that-fewer 6 footers back then?
  5. Lebowski

    Trade advice,comments

    She had just finished eating an ice cream bar and was complaining about her hand being sticky. LOL....
  6. Lebowski

    Trade advice,comments

    I had a '30 Model A several years ago and I don't remember any serious problems with leg room in it and I'm 6 foot. Take it for a drive or at least sit in it and see what you think before you decide against it....
  7. Lebowski

    In honor of Father’s Day

    I don't have a pic of my dad with one of his cars but I do have one of him with a jeep owned by our favorite uncle. It was taken in 1945 when he was 18 and an MP in the Army. In the background is the Pentagon. He died in 2012. Happy Father's Day, Pop!
  8. Lebowski

    1972 Dodge Dart Wiring

    This wiring diagram is on eBay and is less than $12 including shipping. This would be a good start. Good luck.... https://www.ebay.com/itm/1972-Dodge-Dart-Demon-Wiring-Diagram-Manual/391731283706?hash=item5b350106fa:g:Z2cAAMXQHO9Rda7B
  9. Lebowski

    My UPS driver did this

    Yes they are. That was really cool that he did that. My wife and I have 3 dogs and 3 cats which are all rescues. Thanks for posting this....
  10. Lebowski

    Saw this following me around today

    You bought a '57 Ford? Nice! How about some more pics and info?
  11. Lebowski

    My UPS driver did this

    I have a FB account and I can't see it either. Try Vermontboy's idea of cutting and pasting....
  12. This isn't the first time he's done that and it probably won't be the last....
  13. Lebowski

    1948 Packard Station Sedan

    There were a couple more pics in the Boston Craigslist....
  14. Lebowski

    1954 Hudson Hornet

    I just checked the Boston Craigslist and it's not in there. Why not? It's free so all it costs you is a few minutes of your time. Sure there are some flaky people that use CL but there are also a lot of serious potential buyers. I've sold LOTS of cars, parts and other things through them over the years and I'm sure other guys here have too. Think about it....
  15. Lebowski

    1954 Hudson Hornet

    How does it run and drive? Any rust? Has anything on it been rebuilt? Does everything on it work? If not what doesn't? Thanks....