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Dog Bone Radiator Cap Base Arm with "Chief" Motif

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I can not tell you what manufacturer made it but yes it was used as a accessory base ( aftermarket) for a motor meter. The hinge was so you could swing the motor meter out of the way to add water and not have to unscrew then rescrew the motor meter back again. Less time and effort.

I purchased a collection of assorted motor meter caps ( dog bone, and figural die cast zinc) at Hershey that were collected by a hoarder over a period of 40+ years and have spent the months since October cleaning them . Some amazing stuff - have never seen anything like them since I got into the old car hobby in 1964. Most of us when we think motor meters think of the Boyce lollipop shaped ones in assorted sizes. There were so much more available for sale as accessories in the 1915-34 era but most being cast in zinc now may be in poor shape due to the deterioration of the base metal.

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