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55 Century Gauge cluster removal

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I have the dash top of my 55 Century off to check the wires to the ammeter.

It is unclear to me after reading the shop manual, how I would remove the cluster, particularly regarding the temperature gauge. 
Does the capillary tube come off the gauge or does it have to be removed as a unit from the cylinder head?

Also, I have noticed that the glass in front of the temp gauge will occasionally fog up on humid mornings. Can they leak?






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The temperature gauge comes out as a unit after detaching from the cylinder head.

Both gauges are open to the atmosphere so humid air inside can condense inside if the outside air gets colder than the dew point. It's not a big deal but the glass will slowly get scuzzy and you'll have to take it apart again. Disconnect the battery before you even look at it.

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If you can find the space to do the task, can the temp guage be removed from the back of the instrument cluster?  It looks like the defroster duct could be removed to get space to do that. 

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