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1968 Plymouth GTX Convertible - "Please Contact for price" - Lac-des-Écorces, Quebec, Canada

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Red exterior, black interior, 426 hemi under the hood, and the model and this is one of my holy grails that I'll never afford. Apparently there were only twelve made according to the ad. To find one in the middle of rural Quebec is pretty wild










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52 minutes ago, kingrudy said:

High dollar car no doubt. Reminds me of the saying, "If you have to ask the price, you probably can't afford it". Very beautiful car. GLWTS

Agreed. This and a mid 60's big block Vette convertible and a 30's Caddy v12/v16 are probably the three that I'd like to have, and I know I never will.

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33 minutes ago, alsancle said:

Assuming it has a "J" in the VIN and the stamp on the block we are talking 250K or so.  Lots of paperwork like the buildsheet then more.

Fender tag as well. No pic's of it. Not sure if it's a real factory Hemi car but definitely over restored. The full gloss painted chassis and inner front fenders sprayed in "Bedliner Black" aren't my style but it's far out of my financial reach, so nitpicking only makes me look petty! I know someone who could easily verify that car as he's a Canadian Mopar guru. Quebec had a lot of big horsepower Mopar's sold there in the 60's and 70's. I helped bring a few to Ontario many years ago. 

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Nicely done car. No power steering and manual drum brakes...years ago we had a 70 Coronet R/T with a 440 set up the same way. You really had to pay attention to your turns and stops!

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