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Damaged 1965 Pontiac GTO $8,500 (Winchester, VA)

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Poor pictures, but maybe a good body man could have a decent Goat. From what is shown, the car looks very repairable. It's been on the market for 8 weeks, so price may be soft.  



Seller's Description

Been sitting engine runs no brakes tree limb fell on it damage to trunk lid,front right fender top & roof line at windshield solid floors and trunk if it's posted it's for sale I will not respond to is it available **no trades***
Driven 56,000 miles   Automatic transmission    Clean title
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The body is full of Bondo and certainly not straight. With all the previous backyard bodywork, I'd say it had a lot of issues long before the tree limb fell on it. Crummy interior too. Was a rustbucket before the windstorm and now there's a lot more damage to fix. Big pass here. 

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A bonafide 65 GTO with factory air is probably worth the effort to save. It IS a factory AC car going by the underhood heater box but, even though the grab bar is present, I don't see the GTO script above the glovebox. LeMans also had the grab bar.


This one is a Fremont CA build which makes documentation even more squirrelly, because if you don't have the build sheet matching the Fremont job number you have no way of knowing how the car was equipped. It does carry the correct 3737 LeMans body code on the data plate.


Just looking at its data plate this one started life gold with a black vinyl top and a gold interior.


That's also a 65-68 Oldsmobile engine in there, but since I can't see any particulars other than the thermostat bypass hose I can't tell what displacement or if it's a desirable engine.


Verdict? Salvage whatever if anything is good and send it to the scrapper. You'd spend ten times its value to get it anywhere near right.


Though it's probably a perfect candidate for the LS swap crowd. They don't care if a car's done to specs.

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Yes, more work there than I'd be capable of. Worth saving, though. Best wishes to all future owners.


I think '65 was the best looking year for GTO/Lemans...but the wheels make this car visually less appealing than the tree damage does.

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