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What can I put on the too of my Model A to help repair it till I replace the top? The cobra grain has shrunk and cracked leaks a little not terrible though. I remember my uncle used to put something on his 35 Chevrolet top. Thanks

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I grossly underestimated the time it would take, and the weather was a constant problem when I replaced top on my 1927 Willys Knight 70A.

The wood in the top was missing, or rotted to the extent that I spent much more time measuring, drawing and cutting replacement wood than I spent cutting and attaching the Cobra log grain fabric.

It soon became apparent that I would have to stretch the fabric over a incomplete frame work, and continue cutting the wood pieces as weather permitted.

This necessitated that I seal the seams to make the top waterproof, but it was also necessary to use a sealant I could remove without damaging the fabric.

It is expensive, has a very short shelf life, and can be really messy to work with, but I found the black, rubberized, Flex-Seal product to work better than  any other latex or acrylic sealant I tried.

And, when the permanent installation of the top was completed, and prior to installing the hide’m and trim, I also used the rubberized Flex-seal on my seams and around the metal pieces around the joints between the visor and the windshield.

That was a few years ago and it seems to be holding strong.







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2 hours ago, 1929wilbur said:

I sprayed two coats of black Flex-Seal on the top of my Model A top ten years ago as a temporary band-aid, and it’s still acceptable.  Eventually, I may get around to replacing the top…

When I built my Huckster I used light canvas and sprayed with that same stuff. Faded over time and had to redo but worked fine overall.  

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