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  1. Running around in the Jersey Pines today...
  2. 1929 Royal 85. This has the same engine as our Model 137. It seems to be exactly the same car only with different model names.
  3. This is our 1928 Model 137. She has the Royal 8 engine. We drive it all the time and usually rack up over a 150 miles each weekend.
  4. No rings...nice! Restorer, what town are located in and what is your place called?
  5. I'm located in southern New Jersey, near Atlantic City. This is a car that I got a few months ago which seems to have last been on the road in the early 40's and messed with in the 70's. After dropping the pan to clean out any sludge, I took a compression test and tried to get her to run. The one jug that had only 5 lbs of compression was back puffing out the intake pretty bad, so it ran like crap. The engine is now out and totally apart. Crank end-play was fairly poor and a few of the rod big-end bearings are shot. It needs some serious lovin' by a knowledgable machinist/ rebuilder, given the fact that parts for these Chandler engine are pretty much non-existent.
  6. I have a '29 Chandler with a straight 8 engine, which I would like to have rebuilt. This is an engine for which very few parts seem to be available for. I'm looking for a shop on the east coast that would be able to make or acquire parts as needed... Such as valves, rings, rebabbiting the insert bearings, etc. Who do you guys recommend and how hefty of a price tag should I be getting prepared to swallow? The bore is standard and in very good condition at this time. It ran, although poorly, a few weeks ago.
  7. I spent the day tearing apart the engine of my 29 Royal 8 and was very surprised by two things. The absurd fact that the rods don't fit through the cylinder bores and that the engine has insert bearings on the mains. Wow, what a difficult beast to dismantle (and later, assemble) being that the pistons have to come out towards the crank. Do any of you know whether the rod bearings are babbit or insert and whether any parts supplier has any of the laying around. I'm also in need of valves.
  8. Can anyone direct me to a supplier of Morse Silent Chain, or a modern equivalent? I need it to replace the worn out timing chain on my '29 Chandler straight 8.
  9. Would any of you guys know specific dimensions of the Morse timing chain used on the 8 cylinder. I need a new one.
  10. Having never done any upholstery work and never having paid to have it done, the task of re-doing this vehicle's interior really appears to be a rather daunting undertaking in my eyes. I gave it a ballpark of 8 grand, as a wild guess, in my preliminary budget outline and it looks like that was pretty damn close. I got this car at the right price and had intended to just get it running and mechanically sound while keeping the appearance as "survivor" as possible. Now, my ideas have swung over to the full-on "frame off" side of the fence. I am a very capable guy, but I put upholstery in the same category as machining the block and pouring babbit...Leave it to the pros. Thank you for all of your input. Now, who would any of you dare recommend in my neck of the woods. I live in southern New Jersey, near Atlantic City?
  11. I'm in the very early stages of my first total restoration and am wondering what it might cost to have the interior fabric work redone on my big old 1929 4 door Chandler. Everything inside is original and would be useful as patterns to a person skilled in that profession. I'm just trying to get an idea of how much of my other stuff I may have to sell to get this vehicle into the condition it deserves to be in. I realize that as with building a house, it always costs twice as much as one expects. What have you guys spent on interiors? Also, who would be a good shop to contact when I finally get to that stage? I am located in southern New Jersey.
  12. Being very new to Chandler, I'd like to hear from other c Chandler folks as to the availability of parts such as rings and valves for the Royal 8 engine. Is that even the correct name for the 1929 8 cylinder engine? I did learn, while at Hershey, that head and manifold gaskets are out there to buy, but before I dig into pulling this engine apart, I'd like to know where I stand. Also, what compression psi would be be deemed acceptable? A few of the jugs were making 65- 70 psi, which would seem perfectly fine, while others were from 5 to 40 psi.