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1937 Plymouth PT50 Woodie Real Daily Driver


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All original except the paint and new Wal-Mart tires, and front and rear seat covers which where removed from a 1940's Ford Woodie.

Rebuilt flat head 6 with a 3 sp top loader transmission, 6 volt system, new period correct wiring harness from Rhode Island Wiring.

Adding a new A/C unit (pictured) after refurbishment next week.






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I like the A/C. Yours is electric. My Lasalle woodie came with a similar aftermarket fan but it was propelled by engine vacuum, like the wipers. It clamps to the steering column. Where does yours attach? I really like the color and patina of the wood on your car. 

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Mine attaches where ever i want it,(down side is that's 7"dia) so it limits placement.   Waiting on that cloth braided wire to rewire the motor and into a on / off switch somewhere below the dash.


Yep, the wood is all original as far as i can tell, except the prior owner just slopped clear varnish ?  on the wood, not perfect, just OK.

Yes, i tried to keep it as original as much as possible and not throw a lot of money at it. 

It is total blast to drive it.  Its a people magnet.



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