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1929 Ford Model A Tudor, with overdrive.

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Found in a warehouse where it had been stored under cover for several years. After cleaning the fuel system, new battery, changing the oil, changing the carburetor, refurbishing the distributor and popout ignition she fired right up. Equipped with the Borg-Warner overdrive. Paint showing its age but still looks good. Top in perfect condition. California car, no rust anywhere. I'm new to Model As, wondering what the value of a car like this is?






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To answer your original question, I bought my 1930 A Tudor about 3 years ago, very similar appearance & condition, for $10k. Given inflation, maybe $11-13k for your car, but really what anyone will pay. I look at Model A's posted for sale around my area, and people are asking anywhere $10-25k, but with the higher-priced ones, I see the same ads placed and re-placed month after month. Reality is, they made over a million of these each year for 4 years. EVERY last part is still available, so there are many, many of them still around. Even with wrecks, abandonment, hot-rodding and other things that make a car either un-original to the point of no (practical) return or scrap metal, there's still plenty of A's to choose from.


There are reasons some of them are higher-priced - more recent restoration / better condition, and body style seem to be the main drivers. The Tudor is among if not the lowest valued. Oddly enough, 4-doors are higher, as are coupes and any of the open top / soft top styles.


So keep it going and enjoy it.

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On 1/1/2024 at 5:55 PM, mikewest said:

The pickups and the ton job dual wheel trucks are hot as a pistol  on the sales lots. Im amazed how well the double As sell.

When I got a 1930 sedan delivery in the early 70s Model A and T trucks there was really no value.

I picked mine up for $50, drove it home with a newer battery and a boat gas tank on the right seat.

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