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mahogany veneer for 49 chrysler T&C trunk lid

blind pew

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I have a '49 chrysler T&C convertible. The framing of the wood is ash, but the internal panels are wood (mahogany) veneer. The problem is that is appears the trunk lid inner panel is in Dinoc, and not veneer. 


I have not worked with veneer on woodies. How difficult is it to apply to the trunk lid on a T&C? Is the veneer just extended laterally to go under the trunk lid framing? I would assume that any attempts at "wrapping" it (like vinyl) would cause splintering of the veneer. 


Thanks- Tom H

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I called Dennis Bickford and he does not do veneering for T&Cs anymore. He gave me the number of John in Wisconsin, who also does not do the veneering anymore. 


I would do it myself, but it is actually a pretty involved process with quite the learning curve. I'll keep looking. I have some '49 Chrysler T&C parts (rear tail light housings) that are almost impossible to find to offer in trade for someone who would prefer that over cash. 


Oh well............................. if I can't find anyone it will just have to be Di-Noc. 

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Sorry to hear that.

I think the way Dennis used to do it was he would apply it in pieces/sections and not in one piece. That way he would avoid the veneer splitting or cracking .

You could try it yourself by "scoring" the backside of the veneer with a razor (in the direction of the grain) and possibly dampen/steam it so it is more pliable to bend/shape and may not split. Much like the way sheetrock is installed on curved walls

I believe the factory (I could be very wrong) used a press to shape the veneer and install it onto the metal panel.

Good luck

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That is fortuitous timing. 


I was just going to post that Dave (NewOldWood) can do these. I had found his name in the Woody Times after failing to find someone through the other links.  I am going to send him the car to have a couple of panels done. 


Dave has an ad in the Woody Times or can be reached at 



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Got my '49 Chrysler back from Dave (NewOldWood) a few days ago. It is really stunning. He does BEAUTIFUL veneering work for anyone who needs this done and he was very reasonably priced (far less than what I expected).


An excellent experience with a beautiful finished product and a nice guy to work with!

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This is one of the earlier versions of the '49 T&C convertibles. They moved from wood veneer on the interior panels to Di-Noc, then to body color paint on the interior panels. 


I don't know if the later '49 convertibles had the chrome border around the trunk lid or not. 


I personally think the '48 convertibles and the early '49s are the best looking T&C convertibles, but everyone has different tastes. The semi-auto transmission is a little odd, but the car drives like it is floating on air. That's the reason I have not "resto-modded" it, as it drives very nicely without modifications. 

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