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Buick and Our Four Legged Buddies


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Looking at the "Raise Your Hand If You Drove A Buick This Weekend" thread I came upon a post by @Den41Buick

with his best 4 legged  buddy enjoy the ride in the Buick.  Thought to start a thread for posting your 4 legged buddies enjoying a ride in the Buick.  Here is Sprinkles.  She is great in car. Hangs her head out of the window as we motor down the road. Like most pups.  Except this pup get to do it if a 54 Buick!
Please post you and your buddy roaming the roads in the Buick. 
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This our new family member, Billy. Six month old Groodle (Golden Retriever & Standard Poodle cross) enjoying his first Cars n Coffee outing in Victor Harbor.  Not really enthusiastic about riding in our Subaru Forester, he seemed to revel in open top travel on the day in the ‘63 Skylark. Perhaps it is marque status, who knows?

Rodney 😀😀😀😀😀





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