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1918 GMC Brass $15k

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Not Mine


This would be great for a farmers market, parade or a farm.
Been parked indoors for the last 10 years.
Beautifully restored as you can tell from the photos.
Runs and drives. (360) 820-0284


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I have a feeling this one came from the B.C. Transportation Museum sale back in the 1990's. Sold for quite a strong price back then. I am not sure where it came from before being part of the Museum's collection. { put together as part of British Columbia's worlds fair, Expo 86 }  Bellingham is just a stones throw away from where the Museum was located, just on the Washington State side of the border rather than in Canada.

 I often wondered what happened to it as it seemed to drop out of sight locally after the sale. 

 I don't think it had the Cadillac headlights on it in the 1990's. 

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Are they Cadillac headlights? What did it have before?


I was a bit surprised by the fancy lenses, but there is nothing unusual about acetylene headlights on trucks as late as 1918, or maybe even 1920, even though they were gone from passenger cars by 1913 or so. Trucks often still had a crank, a magneto, and no electrical system.

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Pretty sure they are , circa 1918 Cadillac. Electric .  The detail pressed into the top of the ring is what Cadillac used in the late teens. General shape of the bodies as well.

I can't remember what it had before , and I don't think I took a photo of it at the sale.

May have been more correct , commercial vehicle style acetylene steel body lights when I last saw it. But that was something like 30 years ago. The memory dims a bit as the decades add up.1918 Cadillac Type 57 Phaeton




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That whooshed right over my head. I saw brass and nothing else LOL. I completely missed that they are electric. I have a car with acetylene too, and I know better. Good catch ID-ing the lights as Cadillac. I see what appears to be an impulse mag under the hood, and no other electrical stuff. I feel sure the lights should be acetylene just like you remember seeing.


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