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1967 posi rear differential

60s GM Fan

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The rear axle in Buicks, back then, was specific to Buicks.  Possibly some similar Olds models, too?  Definitely NOT anything like a Chevy rear axle, except in function.  End result, a more specialized search for Buick items which could also be pretty model-year-specific, too.




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18 hours ago, 60s Buick Fan said:

So it looks as if my 67 Wildcat is sadly just a single traction car at this moment in time.  I'd like to update that to posi with a 1967 correct posi rear differential.  Does anyone have any suggestions?


Is it quiet?  Is it performing well in terms of application in use?  Is it not leaking?  

If yes, I suggest you leave it alone.  You previously said that once you put enough miles on it you'd be selling it anyway.  Posi is only needed to lay dual black tire tracks.  Is that something you want to do?  Otherwise it is of little use except in snow driving,  and when they were new in the time frame,  the service procedures called for changing the rear axle fluid every 15K and using the "special formula" posi axle grease.  That grease is now made on the spot by mixing conventional grease with an additive.  Meanwhile the rear axle grease in your factory rear axle will likely never need to be changed.


Respectifully submitted


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John it functions as it should and the car still performs well.  I'm pretty sure its rebuilt as is the rest of the drivetrain.  My request/questions were due to the fact that when I did a burn out I only had a solo black tire mark on the street.  No biggie I'm happy leaving sleeping dogs be if it won't really improve anything.

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