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  1. Thanks Ed --correct---age is catching up with me.
  2. Jonn P--years ago i new a person that owned such a car in New Zealand, in the next few days ,i will see if he still is there, and has any info re tools and jack,-----may take some time-- but believe me ,there are some rare items in parts of New Zealand.
  3. Kev---Den contact--Gene Phillips Anderson, IN, 765-642-4088 buickn@yahoo.com May help
  4. I raised this question back about a day ago , about authentic restorations, hoping that some one here would take the bait, and mention a few of the many items incorrect on this Riviera, so thank you Seafoam 65 i was not sure if i would get blasted if i did this. It actually helps us all ,as finding and learning the correct items, parts used, colours, where positioned, etc. We as members of this great club , act as history and museum and time piece in keeping---BUICK--- as they were built, the day they left the factory. Now about the popsicle stick, when i received my 64 Electra convertible 3 months ago, from US look at the front top radiator condition,---yes true story i have always had a couple of these in my tool.--one of the first things i did using those 2 sticks. Wood is still a wonderful product for many uses.
  5. It s amazing with many restorations ,that it is just about always the finer details that are not correct , especially engine compartment, with so much money paid for a classic, when with only about $500 to $1000 spent getting the simple items, done correctly,. it would be worth the extra effort in the end result. I could list many--- incorrect--- features and items with this lovely 65, but i wont. A very nice example, and i hope the new owner really enjoys his purchase, and its about time Our Buicks reached higher and better prices.--thanks Tom K for showing this.
  6. For B body models, excellent working condition, have tested, hardly ever used ,as i have had this for about 30 years in a box . $35.00 --plus shipping to US is $15.00. payment by paypal.---Thank you.
  7. Both in well used condition,---For Sale--- but all complete no sticking together or past wet pages, all very readable condition, these were in side my glove box when my Electra arrived from US , dont ask me why the protection plan was in glove box , i dont know ,as it does not belong to my car, this vin is 8k1101935Y, , and sold by Ken Pruitt Buick Garland Texas ,i think the name is TE Adams----you never know a member on forum may still have this car. Both for sale , ---$60.00 for both---shipping is $20.00 to US, with tracking. payment by paypal. or reasonable offer ,and will split. thank you.
  8. Hi The Tax Man---try --One Mans Garbage New Jersey, he had some about a month ago, as they were in some photos he sent me, next to a Bumper i purchased.---owner is Dave, he is honest and reliable.
  9. 07 HD----did you ever find a mirror for your Riv. regards Wayne.
  10. Similiar for myself--i started buying them about 1987, and spent thousands dollars when i live in New Zealand , were always great but there was a period in the last 10--15 years that responses to emails were not so good, like --Kreed , Jason, others have said, i found actual phone calls was the best way to get a solution to any problem,--Kevin and Jeff -- always very good , a lady forgot name sometimes not so good . But hope they carry on with there business for many years to come .
  11. Hi Tom, actually i went into Sherwyn Williams auto paints, south Sacramento, and they had the actual paint book for Buick 63--65,Silver Cloud being ZZ. i used there 7000 system , base coat ,clear coat, i did the whole car in 3 days , 2 days prep, 1 day paint and finish, and to this day it still looks the same as the day i painted it.
  12. One of my best Buicks that i have owned, i purchased this from the original first owner Phoenix, this Riviera could still show and go to 118mph on speedo,, all stock 401, except i painted silver cloud about 2001. before i sold it.
  13. A photo of my wife in our 1973 boattail at lake Tahoe about 1993 ,i ,when we lived in Sacramento, was a wonderful car,, --then just after this photo was taken,i got a phone call from transport manager of Dream works movie company, wanting to purchase our car for the movie, Forces of nature Sandra Bullock--Ben Affleck ,-. so i went and purchased a 65 Riviera.
  14. Any Buick members that have never owned or read,--70years of Buick by George H Dammann-- its a wonderful book, so i have included a few photos of George's book,---yes im with others here---its a boat tail--. and a reminder this was written when boat tail was released. Also page 347 George listed the 73 with rear boat tail design.
  15. I can let all know Sacramento ,in my opinion is one of the best places ,to buy old cars especially if its been there from new,,--ask me how i know--i have purchased 5 Buicks from there since 1987, 3 Porsche 911s, all terrific non rust cars,----This one was the second 69 Electra, it was my driver, for10 years ,while i lived there did about 80.000 miles it it.
  16. Cars inc--------old Buick parts.com------New Jersey-----i used them fitted perfect
  17. Thought i would show this, as when i purchased my 64 Electra--i new it had really bad cracks in dash, from photos from PO in US, so i managed to get a really nice used one from ---Ones man garbage---Junkyard in New Jersey.---Dave the owner is a very reliable owner ---. Back to fitting, probably one of the most hardest jobs i have done for a long time, thought i was smart ,so tried to remove the correct way ,by removing all --8 or 9 bolt screws from behind dash, and was only able to get to 3 bolts , gave up on all the others, almost impossible with a Electra with all options fitted,, --so i cut the old dash pad at every bolt and drilled the nuts off. Fitting for the newer pad was alot better, but only able to get 4 bolts on finish fitting , all good.
  18. I ordered that Apache 1961 Jorgen Ingmann CD yesterday, many thanks Jon37.
  19. Hello Markus,--wonderful Buick and trailer van, this probably is know use for you, but some interesting facts in here. It is from my owners manual 1964 Buick Electra-Wildcat, Le sabre, and yes i realize it is 15 years later. It was placed on page 32 right next to area in manual, for changing tires, so check your owners manual----they dont always list these items in the front index.---hope you can read it--the bloches are my bad camera.--regards.
  20. Thanks for that --NTX5467-- and Frank--i never thought of doing that, next filter change will do that.
  21. While waiting for new speedo housing o ring ,plastic gear, circlip ,and seal washer, shipping is terrible just now ,from US, because of covid, etc, i decided to fit new transmission drain plug,--very easy ,marvelous , should have done it years ago to other Buicks i have owned, so when speedo housing seals eventually arrive i can drop a couple of pints to fit the seals.--Any body want tips on doing this let me know,-no problem.
  22. Pete and John,, this may help but may not as, when my 64 Electra arrived from US about couple of months ago , it had this muffler on it, measures---7/ 1/2inches x 9/1./2 inches oval, and 35 inches long. But you may be able to just read on it---nos---1961. so may not be correct for my car as well, and notice ,it is dual exhaust--exits both left and right ends, and im not sure, but think Electra was not dual exhaust.
  23. Thank you Steve, no i sold the Skylark about 1994, went to a owner in Philadelphia, and he i think sold it about a year later, after that i have never found out where it went. Original colour was Reef blue no 77, i painted it Imperial blue no 53.---yes i know should never have sold it,was a fabulous car--was a classic i wont ever forget.---regards---Wayne.
  24. Hello GlenL Take your time, spend more and most time on chassis and the body , on Skylark one of the most critical areas is where the door front edge meets the front fender areas, many 53 76x, are not fitting correct ,especially when and if they have been stripped and restored by unprofessional body persons, and while i remember you mentioned convertible tops rear window, 53 was the first year Buick used vinly and fitted large back window,---small window and canvas was not a option,---but was used somtimes by persons that did not no better. I could write a book on bad restorations of the 76x ,from my days ,early nineties ,when i restored my number body number 546,and ,---was a front cover feature april 1992 BCA bugle, Shipped to New Zealand,2 year restoration,then shipped back to US, and stayed there 10 years, was 2nd place at BCA National--1991,many first place, in CA, Silverado, St marys, and Sacramento shows. Glen let me know if you require any more finer details info for these wonderful classics. couple of photos day i purchased,and when finished.
  25. Hello, hope you repaired it ok now,, if this ever happens again, this is how to re straighten. Sorry i was a bit late replying to help you, This is a true story--you may not believe,but it is, Its a kiwi trick that some top panel beaters in New Zealand use for years now. You find a big tree with double trunk ,branches about 2---to 4 ft apart, place the bumper in between the 2 branches, so that your bumper is placed near the center, before bending the exposed end and use a car or ute to pull the exposed end about around about a few inches , pulling about i foot gives you about 2or3 inches. You dont even have to cover the bumper wear it meets the tree, as the tree is softer than the metal and gives a little.
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