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heater blend door.


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The most common failure is the plastic retainer clip breaks on the left (door) end of the link. That manifests as the rod moves but doesn't move the door. Are you saying the rod doesn't move at all when disconnected from the stepper motor on the right end?

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25 minutes ago, handmedownreatta said:

it turns out the part i thought should move turned out to be the stationary mount.


Have you tried the override section to run the door back and forth, or observe the rod when turning the climate control temperature from cold to warm? The right end connects to an electric  motor in the HVAC controller. 


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3 hours ago, Josh B. said:

I have a similar issue. I'm 99% sure the motor that moves the rod is locked up. I can't get the arm to turn for anything. But I was able to disconnect the rod and control the door manually.

You will not be able to move the arm on the electric motor manually. It will only move electrically. It is a separate part that bolts into the HVAC controller, per the photo, but I don't know that it is available to buy that way. I suggest you try the tests two posts above which may give a clue if it is the motor or the controller.

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