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  1. Hmm, well, weather permitting this next weekend I may give it a go without actually removing it. Kind of annoying since I already bought a new gasket, but at least it was only a couple of bucks I guess. Thanks for the input, guys.
  2. So I've been putting it off for a while, and finally have the time to do it. Major question being, I keep seeing tutorials saying to drain coolant from the radiator, but based on the gasket, this thing doesn't even *have* coolant passages. (Does it?) Why would I need to do that? Am I in for more of a headache than I thought? I was under the assumption I could just disconnect throttle linkage, sensors and unbolt it from the intake. Slightly afraid to screw with it now, and thinking about trying to clean it while attached lol Any help is appreciated.
  3. I hate that all those Select 60s are convertibles. The white and red interior is so pretty.
  4. 168 for both I believe (though you could just use 194s as well I think... they just might not be as bright). Here's the bulb listing from the back of my owner's manual. Hope this helps out. If anyone needs anything from the manual (this one specifically is the original for my 90 coupe), let me know and I can upload more images or PDFs.
  5. Fascinating! Thanks for sharing
  6. My Reatta had a similar issue with the previous owner. They put in a newer short block but after buttoning everything up, they never properly realigned the front end in combo with having tires on the front bigger than they should have been. He cranked the wheel and it caught and blew out on the driver's side. Exploded the fender, destroyed the wheel well liner, a bit of the molding on the driver's door, and a little part of that middle strip on the bumper cover. If there is one thing I know I want to invest in as spares it's the fenders, just in case.
  7. That's the thing about these cars. They are driven. Because underneath all the beauty, and the luxury, and the cool 80's aesthetic, it's a Buick. It's made to be driven. I daily mine also
  8. Good eye. It always amazes me how striking Reattas look in red. Granted, I'm still going to get mine painted black, but I do like the look of the red ones.
  9. Those sketches are incredible. That last one especially. Looks like something out of Robocop. Interestingly, the first one looks an awful lot like a Volkswagen Corrado.
  10. I may do that if I can't manage to satisfactorily repair this panel 👍 In other news, I got my headlight switch in and found out the hard way leaving work tonight that the parking lights are now not turning on (stupid me, I was only concerned about the headlights, and I didn't pay attention to whether the rest were working). Headlights work fine though. Hopefully a fuse? Won't be able to figure that out until I have some light and spare fuses to work with.
  11. Reinstalled headlight switch after successful reassembly (switch housing blowout). Have not yet put the trim panel back over the dash. Whichever previous owner pulled it before busted every connector between the chrome edge (to which the vent covers are attached) and the main panel. I'm going to come up with a way of permanently reattaching the chrome edge piece to the main panel this weekend before putting it back on since that's what primarily holds the panel on aside from the two upward-pointing torx screws. The way the panel/vent cover assembly is constructed is highly questionable.
  12. I may have been. For the last few weeks though, it had been making a loud click before the headlight button would finally depress (needing a little more force than normal), so I think the retainers were getting weak. Either way, no doubt I was pushing too hard for whatever state it was in. Should have popped it out to check it over before this happened. Rearview's 20/20 On the upside, it gave me a good reason to crack the dash open to see how to access the cluster and non-functioning tape deck that needs replacing. For the time being, I used some strips of T-Rex tape to hold 'er together. Solid as a rock. I will probably see if I can snag a non-working switch for the housing at some point in the near future.
  13. Hey all! So, first call for help and suggestions here. Relatively minor. I turned off the headlights Saturday night and the backside of the headlight switch blew out. I got all the parts out and the thing completely reassembled thanks in no small part to SCOTT's 90's switch teardown tutorial (Thank you Scott!) and it works smooth like butter again. The only real problem is the retainers on the front half busted off (hence the 'splosion). Anyone have any suggestions to remedy this? I'm thinking of wrapping the thing in electrical tape at each end to make sure it stays tight, if only because I'd really rather not epoxy the shell together in the event I need to open it up in the future.
  14. This is my first post to this forum and I am a new Reatta owner. (Hi, everybody!) Part of what helped me decide that this was my dream car was the wealth of information on your website, Ronnie. It made me realize there is a devoted fanbase for this wonderful car, and I'm glad to be a part of it.