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Custom floor mat for my 29 Dodge Bros


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I believe Dodge didn’t supply floor mats for 29 trucks but with the cold weather coming I have eliminated some cold drafts.

I got mat material from Restoration Supply. Note the edging material. I used 5/16” rubber tubing. The trick was to split with single cut. See pic of wooden block with knife edge. Placing the 3M mastic was a bit messy.

I also placed a cocoa mat on the firewall. There was a material placed there by factory. Does help quite engine noise




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Just curious, did yours have a diamond pattern steel floor originally or was it wood?

Mine will be diamond (like the running  boards) once finished but this looks like it would be a nice mat over the steel. I'd probably want one that's easily removable though in order to keep it original.. 

Very nice!

Always learning from you guys.

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