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Got a 1931 Dodge crankshaft bearing question....


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Years ago I was in the process of installing the pistons in my 1931 Dodge Brothers DH6 coupe engine and chipped a babbitted rod bearing. It is a small chip about 1/8" at the most in width. I gave up finishing the engine rebuild as I did not want to put a chipped bearing in. Was I wrong in worrying about it? I just had three guys who drive Model A Fords tell me to just finish the engine as the chip would only act as a pool for oil to sit in. I REALLY want to finish my original 1931 coupe that I have had since I was 15, but am worried about the chip. What say you guys about this?


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1 hour ago, Rusty_OToole said:

Depends what you mean by a "chip" but some high performance engines come with a groove in the middle of the bearing and they work just fine. A photo would help. If it is gouged up you might need to get some bluing and scrape it down.

I will try to get the piston back out and get a photo or two. Thanks for the replies, folks.

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