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For Sale: 1928 Dodge Brothers Victory 6 sedan - $7,300 - Thompson Station, TN - Not Mine

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For Sale: 1928 Dodge Brothers Victory 6 sedan - $7,300 - Thompson Station, TN

1928 Dodge Brothers Victory 6 - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle... (craigslist.org)

Unmolested survivor- complete car, Originally green now black (20 footer), Motor turns freely, was told when purchased was running and used for shows etc.  Interior in ok condition (have entire roll of mohair to redo seats/panels etc), Glass good - doors close well, Hydraulic 4 wheel drum, pads were removed(have all parts+ 4 extra drums), Clear TN title - Work of Art, CASH ONLY 7300.

Contact:  (615) 4-two-5-six-3-8-four

Copy and paste in your email:  015936c7d3493405ac5ae7af990385aa@sale.craigslist.org

I have no personal interest or stake in the eventual sale of this 1928 Dodge Brothers Victory 6 sedan.

Note: To understand the significance of this modest little Dodge, read this Hemmings article:

It may not look like much, but the 1928 Dodge Victory Six could be... | Hemmings

'28 Dodge  Victory 6 TN a.jpg

'28 Dodge  Victory 6 TN b.jpg

'28 Dodge  Victory 6 TN c.jpg

'28 Dodge  Victory 6 TN d.jpg

'28 Dodge  Victory 6 TN e.jpg

'28 Dodge  Victory 6 TN f.jpg

'28 Dodge  Victory 6 TN fa.jpg

'28 Dodge  Victory 6 TN g.jpg

'28 Dodge  Victory 6 TN h.jpg

'28 Dodge  Victory 6 TN i.jpg

'28 Dodge  Victory 6 TN j.jpg

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Good intentions but got in over his head? Carb looks newer so maybe he tried to get running. Not connected to vac tank. Did he stick an electric pump in there and pull it out ? Was the loop in the gas line entering carb factory ? These brake systems are easy and parts readily available. Wheel cylinders 50 each and the rebuild on the master (not pitted badly) about 24 bucks with at home honing. Just did all this on my 31 Plymouth PA. System is about the same. He has drums and shoes included. Looks like original wiring.  Lower radiator hose connection looks suspect. Bet a cheapie electric pump and an afternoon of tinkering would get this back up. But at 7.3 and not running an over priced parts car IMO.  On the way to becoming an unfinished hot rod.    Victory 6 was a good motor for that time. Crappy paint means you can throw more crappy paint on the reveals, top half, etc and nobody would care if you are just practicing your at home skills.  Wasn't this the model though that had the issues with the fan blades cracking off and spinning through the hood?

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Model A guys have the fan issue as well, I wonder if a repro A fanblade is close enough in size that it could be adapted as a safeguard?


Yes, this one is in danger of becoming a half a**ed hot rod, but maybe it ends up in a restorer's garage.

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