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Tail-light identification

Paul White

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Looks like a later 22 or 23 to me??  Early 22's had the hole to lite the license plate on the side not the bottom.  I'm not sure but earlier ? years may have had a smaller BUICK logo.

I looked at some photos and guess I was wrong about that being a 23. Don't think so. 

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Since the light slot is on the bottom, this would be for late 1923 after the 1 millionth Buick-when they moved the tail light from the side of the license plate to above the plate.  Basically 1924 thru 1927. Not sure if these carried into 1928.   

The angled lip around the lens area indicates that this would be for a Standard or 4 cylinder model.  A metal wire shaped in a circle is used to hold the red lens.  The Master tail light had a nickeled bezel similar and larger to what was used on the cowl lights.   

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