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Mystery 1920s sedan


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This one was posted on a facebook page - the poster's grandad and uncle doing house painting to earn a few dollars in 1935.


Location is Staten Island, New York.


The car is noted as being their 'work car, a 1928 Chevrolet'.


It is obviously not a Chevrolet I think. Not many cars had that small number of front wheel hub bolts. I am not sure about the hubcaps.


The hub bolts thing eliminates most of the common makes but I wonder if it might be a Marmon.


Not much to go on unfortunately.



old photos Wayne Guinn NY Staten Is 1935..jpg

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Many of the details don't match the '28 Chevrolet picture. Sun-visor is mounted and supported differently, more an extension of roof as opposed to Chev (and Pontiacs) where visor is a separate piece mounted on 2 chromed steel brackets. Middle door hinge bisects upper belt line (in Chevy it is just below beltline), hood louvers are spaced close to hood hinge, while on Chevrolet they are about twice as far away from hinge, Chevy front fender has a 3/4" bead along outer edge, OP car has none, Chev RB aprons have raised molding, OP car has none, cowl lights are not '28 Chev, etc. For American made cars of this period, a dozen makes had such similar design themes, I'm guessing about '26-'29, but just what make,?? 12 spoke, 4 bolt front wheel may suggest something, including a different year Chevrolet.

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1 hour ago, SIRAACA_Editor said:

Certainly looks like a '28 Chevy to me, when referencing this one (albeit with disc wheels)



There are several thing about the mystery car that say - 'not Chevrolet'.


One - compare the space between the top of the hood louvres and side hinge.


Two - the visor is completely different. 


Three - the mystery car has drum head lamps - check the are around the left elbow of the guy on the left. 


There are more.

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