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  1. I think they look to be off of a 28 Whippet Cabriolet. Greg
  2. Greg H.


    Agree, not likely a whippet. Wheels are different and I don’t recall seeing any trim around the cowl. I think 58L-Y8 has it with Nash.
  3. At first I thought Whippet, but the fire wall is different. Did a little digging in the photo section of the WOKR website and it looks like it’s a 28 Falcon Knight model 12. The door hinges had me baffled, however looking at the pictures, they seem to match.
  4. Here's a link to his post on WOKR. http://www.wokr.org/forum/showthread.php?tid=612&highlight=Whippet+Wheels
  5. There is a guy on the Willys Overland forum who made wheels for his 1930 Whippet. Looks like he did some really nice work. If you check out WOKR.org, follow the link to the forum then search for "Whippet Wheels", the gentleman uses the handle "Eagle". He has some pictures posted and a little bit about his method. I bet he could steer you in the right direction for more information. Hope this can be of some help. Greg H.
  6. The "Amelia Earhart' car from the Fourney Museum taken this past August. I thought the mannequin was a bit creepy, but a really nice car. I don't know much about them, but I really like it.
  7. Try asking your question on the WOKR forum, I bet someone would be able to provide a measurement. Go to WOKR.ORG and follow the link to the forum. Hope this helps. Greg
  8. Found this picture from a few years ago when I started restoring my Coupe. Greg
  9. Looks to be a 27 Whippet frame. Appears to have some modifications. Check to see if there is a serial number tag on the right rear frame member (just above the rear spring shackle). Greg
  10. Whippet is correct. This picture is from WOKR.org. I think it's a 1929 98A touring in Australia.
  11. I used it a few years ago, and it worked well for cast parts, not as good on sheet or plate though. Not sure why...
  12. It's actually WOKR, the Willys-Overland-Knight Registry. Web site: wokr.org Club forum: http://www.wokr.org/forum/index.php Greg
  13. I used one of George's pullers to pull a rear wheel that wouldn't budge after years of trying, even ruined a nice original tool before I used his (still upset about that). His are a nice copy of the original, only much stronger. He guaranteed me that it would work and boy did it. Below is my wheel with the puller still on the hub.
  14. I can't resist… The guys at Top Gear UK are reviewing a modern Jag, however this is the best reason to own one. Greg H.
  15. The Whippet is a 27 as noted earlier. The 1928 has smooth crowned fenders, where as the 27 had crowned fenders. Bumpers were not standard until 29 so it's tough using the bumpers to date the car. Greg H.
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