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  1. Mickla, I have not had any direct experience with this company but the detailed pictures of the 1936 Buick runningboard replacement look very good. Like other have said the original ones were vulcanized to the runningbourd and the one person that I know of that did the authentic repair replacement by vulcanizing has apparently retired. He was Huntley Acuff of Roseville Georga. His web address www.huntleyacuffrunningboards,com is shut down, but maybe you can still get him on the phone at 706 866 4875. I have (2) 1936 Buicks and a 1937 and 1938 and know these cars very well. The pict
  2. Here is a link http://www.runningboardrubbermats.com/runningboardreproduction.html
  3. 1931 Buick Rear Bumper parts for the 60 80 90 series car. This is the hard to find one for cars with the rear mounted spare. It will be at Hershey for sale at $150.00
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