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Seal Cove Auto Museum - Seal Cove, Maine


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   I think it is great you use your call as you handle here on the forum! I am WB8SVW Novice @ 11, General @ 13, just turned 60 last month & still keep my license valid after all these years. Dad is N8WS & Mom is WD8ASV!


Next time I have a transport into or out of Maine, I will make sure I stop to visit this museum!


God Bless



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Had a great time there today. Lots of great early Brass stuff and Ethan the director was  a gracious and engaged host. 

I got to see the FRP there that has been discussed quite a bit on this forum.  Ethan drove it last week and said they are very excited and proud of that car with its history. I thought it was interesting that with all the cars they have there, the FRP is the car they have on their T-shirts to market and represent the museum.




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