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Seal Cove Auto Museum - Seal Cove, Maine


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Had a great time there today. Lots of great early Brass stuff and Ethan the director was  a gracious and engaged host. 

I got to see the FRP there that has been discussed quite a bit on this forum.  Ethan drove it last week and said they are very excited and proud of that car with its history. I thought it was interesting that with all the cars they have there, the FRP is the car they have on their T-shirts to market and represent the museum.




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On 7/12/2022 at 7:40 PM, Larry Schramm said:

Seal Cove is a great small museum and Barbara and her husband are great people.

Mr Paine was still actively involved in the museum during our first couple of visits.

Back then, the museum was essentially his huge private collection, rotating approximately 100 Brass-Era cars and motorcycles at a time through the museum, keeping the balance in storage awaiting their turn. One year we arrived shortly prior to their official season opening (pre-June 1st?). Richard Paine Jr. graciously welcomed us personally, stating that since they were not officially open he could not charge us admission, but handed our very young grandson Nathan a paintbrush and directed him to a stationary engine requiring attention. Following our delightful visit, we headed down to the harbor for our whale watching cruise on the jet-drive catamaran, either the 130 ft Atlanticat or the 112 ft Friendship V, something we try to do with every visit to Bar Harbor. They offer free returns if you don't get to see whales, and we've had the opportunity for a repeat cruise.

Our long time friends Barbara and Dick were fantastic in saving the museum, and organizing the board to preserve it.


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