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  1. In the radio world 'B+' voltage can be as low as ~70v ('20s and early '30s) to ~300vdc on tube type receivers. Transmitter B+ can run to several thousand volts. Tube filaments in battery receivers (including automobile radios) usually require 6v. at a relatively high amperage and the 6v. batteries that supply this are called 'A' batteries. I think this nomenclature dates back to the dawn of radios, which is roughly the same as the automotive dawn. Most battery radios also require a 'C' voltage, negative in polarity to the B+. 'C' voltage requirements vary with radio design.
  2. JimKB1MCV

    Rusty Gas Tank

    This is where you'll find specific help with your cub project. http://www.farmallcub.com/phpBB2/viewforum.php?f=1 The tank is part of the cowl and will have to come off, not a terribly difficult job depending on how much rust you find on the fasteners. You should have a manual for reference, though. I think there are manuals online, try google. Fun little tractor, introduced after WW2 to do the work of two horses, which it does. I use mine for plowing my driveway in the winter. Good luck. Jim/KB1MCV