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  1. What up with the Thompsons? 🙂 Don't know whats up there but I see Thompsons or toy plastic look-alikes at shows and in online pictures more often than I'm comfortable with. For one thing it feeds the mis-conception that every pre-war sedan is a 'gangster' car and it feeds the 'cool toy' image of firearms at a time collectors and recreational shooters are feeling the regulatory noose tightening on the hobby. Maybe its just me. 🙄
  2. Somehow I suspect FDR had quite a lot of other things on his mind at this point in history. The show is something I might watch for the backgrounds, cars and ships. Kind of tired of flashy celib-worship fiction (semi-fiction in this case). I spent time in northern Norway in the early 1960s when the resistance was not a faded memory and many of my mentors still re-lived the convoy crossings they made in that time frame. The only slight friction on my ship was between the north and south Norwegians. The Bremerhaven contingent got along with everyone. 😄
  3. In the early '80s I liked my Sevilles til I bought my first Saab. But the question I have to ask is: Who was Ralph Williams and what was his motto? 😁
  4. All, or most of the comments I could make have already been made. I first subscribed to HMN in the late '70s and it saw me through a multi-year restoration of a '41 Cadillac series 61, and I kept up my sub probably til the early '90s. In the early '90s I went through a several-year sorting out project with my '31 Ford Victoria, let the sup lapse because I was narrowly focused on the Victoria. In ~2012 I was in the market for another car so I took HMN's on-line subscription and was not happy with it, did not renew. Times change, I guess.
  5. The vacuum advance not working could cause the symptoms you're seeing. I'm assuming 😀 your distributor is the type that is moved by the VA, if its not then the VA should be moving the breaker plate, one or the other. If it is nether, it could be one of your problems. The carb float level should be 5/8" according to my Motor's Manual, I think you have or should have a BX-O26 Stromberg carb there. Should be easy to check. I'd like to see the engine have higher vacuum numbers. Good luck and good hunting.
  6. I think you mentioned that you have changed the vacuum advance. Can you see the distributor moving when you increase RPM on the engine?
  7. Its a small museum but with a dedicated and knowledgeable staff. Worth a visit. http://stanleymuseum.org/
  8. Please let us know how they work out. I tend to be pessimistic about 'fits both' tooling but I'm willing to be convinced.
  9. I'm a free reed fan: concertina (various flavors),button accordions in the Scots-Irish style here an old Noel Hill video.
  10. The GM built EMD two stroke diesel 645 and 710 series V8,12,16 and 20 cylinder locomotive and marine industrial engines use the fork and blade con rods. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EMD_645
  11. https://owlshead.org/default.aspx The website really doesn't do the place justice, cars and planes galore, I wish the site had more pictures.
  12. One of my favorites. https://www.sealcoveautomuseum.org/
  13. Appropriate for the day, preferred garage music at this QTH.
  14. If you plan on touring the car you might think about a spare so you can get home. My understanding re the electronic conversions is they work fine til they don't. Repair consists of replacement. A spare set of points and condenser are cheaper. They also lend themselves to roadside repair. Your call of course. One of the Studebakers (6v. and + ground) in a SDC group I tour with has run Pertronix for years with no problems except for a reverse polarity event which resulted in several days wait to get a replacement. Good luck.
  15. Is it my imagination or does it look as if the Chrysler design people may have been drinking from the same gene pool as Ford's T-Bird design people in the early to mid 1960s? The roofline looks familiar.
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