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Cadillac 341 and 355 V8 Engine questions

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Anyone know if the camshaft is different? Anyone have cam specifications? 1928 to 1935 Cadillac V8 engines were of the same engine family, much like a Chevy 265 to 400 share the same basic design. But what parts can be used in these early engines that are the same? Cam and crank timing different? 

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I have part numbers from a someone offering help. 1928 to 1931 OEM #1085019 and 1932 to 1935 OEM #1081312. I have a cam out of one of my spare (341B) 1929 engines and the cam out of a 1935 355. Looking at these cams side by side, although they could be installed in either engine, the lobe centers are vastly different. This is what is puzzling because the 35 Cad was running but with NO power at all and is a rebuilt engine. The engine was rebuilt some years ago, but the car lacking power has not been driven much because of the low power situation. Now I am helping the owner resolve the mystery.

I have a cam grinder waiting to see these cams and dive into his records. 

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1 minute ago, Roger Zimmermann said:

The camshaft 1085019 is for models I gave in my previous message. The cam 1081312 is for models 345BC & 355BCD. Sorry I cannot say more, I have not enough knowledge in those engines.

Thank You Roger. yes I know the part numbers are not the same. I am a bit surprised that they are close enough that they could be installed in either of these engine series. They can be put it, set up, all back together, but I think impossible for the engine to run. AND the cams I have dont have any numbers on them that would help identify one from the other.


Was thinking MAYBE someone intimately familiar with these would be on the forum.. HA! not much of a chance, but I have to try!  

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17 hours ago, Oldtech said:

Cadillac firing order changed: 1935 and older 12784536.  after 36- 18736542. 

Yes, 1936 is a completley different engine. That engine continued to 1948. Biggest external difference is the 36 has no side mount castings in the block. The 346 was also used in military applications including ground support, compressors and generators and of course, the Stuart and the Chaffee twin Cadillac powered tanks. 

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