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Talk about using your vehicle as an office here is an idea from Nissan

Mark Gregory

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The amazing Nissan 'business' van that comes with a built-in OFFICE (and it even slides out so you can work in the fresh air)

  • Nissan exhibited the concept at the 2021 Tokyo Auto Salon - one of the world's biggest custom car shows
  • A demo video shows how the office pod has room for a computer screen, an office chair and a coffee-maker 
  • The van is a customised NV350 Caravan, which also has a roof balcony for 'relaxing in between work' 




An amazing 'business van' concept by Nissan, which comes with a built-in office pod that slides out should the owner fancy working in the fresh air



Nissan has created a 'luxurious roof balcony' on top of the vehicle that can be accessed from the inside of the van 'so that you can relax between work'


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If there is enough storage for files, I could see agencies buying these that need to keep portable emergency operation centers or portable command posts at the ready.

It's too small for the vast majority of portable EOCs but smaller agencies or organizations my be able to use it for that.


Plenty of agencies already use pickup bed or SUV mounted systems like this.

See the source image

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