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For Sale: Unique factory ordered all white 1956 Super

buick man

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Now up for dibs over at Bring a Trailer ...  is claimed to be factory ordered all white/white 1956 Super.  Dealer ordered for his wife back in the day.  Take a look 56'ers and tell us what ya think. Reportedly with factory A/C, period Kelsey Wires, new interior to match original and ... Wow a white dash too ... Must  be a real chore to see the road on a sunny day ... but then again, Wayne Neuton would match it perfectly with all his white suits and shoes or perhaps a new age minister like Reverend Billy ? 😇 So ya gotta ask yourself this:  Is all white - all right ?




A few photo quickies and we start with a history lesson about the Super as well 



















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Wire wheels were not a factory option for you and me in 1956.  Obviously, being a dealer, the original owner could have ordered a set of 1953-1955 wire wheels through his parts department and put them on the car when in came in.  Perhaps, even, being a dealer he could probably pull some strings in Flint to have ordered them.  I owned and restored a 1956 and searched the parts books for wire wheels, but the parts books do not lie.


As to the white.  I saw a white Century 4dr hardtop on the showroom floor at the Buick dealer in Rosslyn, Arlington, VA in 1956 when I graduated high school.  I drooled over it, but of course with an upcoming $3,145 year job with the Government I couldn't buy it.  In 1963 I did buy a used all white 1958 Special sedan with factory air at the dealership in Falls Church, VA.  The air condition compressor didn't last a year and I couldn't afford to fix it.  That car was a real bummer all the way through.

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I think the white dash pad could almost

be dangerous on a bright day.  Can you 

imagine coming over a crest of a hill and

the sun suddenly glaring off the white?


There is a good reason why, with white

interiors, dash pads are darker colors. 

The carpet appears black, so dyeing the

dashpad black would be a good action to take.



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