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Can anyone I'd this and what's it worth ?


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Your guess is right-on Bob.  It's a Brooklands style steering wheel for the MGTA, TB , or TC.  The MG logo would be on a center cap not on the bars between the spokes, and of course that center cap is missing. Couple of things about the Brooklands style wheel - it's not the correct original for the TC.  It was a popular aftermarket wheel when the cars were new and it's still popular today.  They are still available from the Uk, made in the original molds.  We use one on our 1948 MGTC.  The company that originally made them was Bluemels.  New wheels are quite expensive, but the cost of restoring an old one may outweigh the difference.  The rim covering was celluloid, which deteriorated over time, as can be seen on the wheel in the photograph.  I am not sure what the demand would be for the wheel shown, since perfect reproductions are readily available.  I think by the time you rechromed the spokes, remolded the rim and installed the correct center hub and cap you'd have as much in it as it cost to buy a new one. 


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What Terry says is right on target, but I think it would have some value in the “rat-rod” crowd (who are somewhat of a forbidden subject on this forum). The wheel is complete enough for use on something meant to look rough or an original car being kept that way.


There are plenty of sites that cater to the modified and rodded types of cars and we remain a site for the purists in the hobby. 


Good luck, if nothing else you can use the information above and put it on eBay and let the market decide a value.

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