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I'm back!


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I finially made it back here after being away for 3 or four years. The reason being my wife was ill was for at least 15 years and the last 4 years she was really bad, and needed full time care. So i kinda lossed interest in hobby. She passed away in 2018. About 2 months ago i got the urge to get back to normal. I got my chrysler going once again, also bought a 1978 chrysler sport satellite boat and am restorin it. 

So now im back i retired after 47 years with chrysler, and finially enjoying every minuet.


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Guest Mark McAlpine

Welcome back, Melvin!  I'm very sorry to hear about your wife--my sincere condolences.


Nice combo there--I've never seen a Chrysler speedboat before.

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My condolences for your dear wife's passing.  Welcome back to the old car hobby, hope it eases some of the grief.   


With so many years with Chrysler, I'm sure there are many here who would enjoy reading about your experiences over those decades.  What profession did you practice at Chrysler?

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