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Richard Quinn Story on Studebaker Indy Cars wins 2 Awards

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Todays mail brought the December 2020 issue of Collectible Automobile. The editor’s column indicated that Richard Quinn’s story “Studebaker at Indianapolis in the Thirties” (October 2019 issue of Collectible Automobile) was awarded a gold medal in this years Automotive Heritage Awards competition and was awarded a “Best in Category” trophy as well.

Congratulations Richard, we appreciate your expertise!!!!

The December 2020 issue also had 4 page story on Richard’s 1941 Champion Coupe Delivery.

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I may?  I would need some time to review my library.  I'm trying to assemble a large Studebaker parts catalogues, service library and bulletins from factory or dealer manuals.  I also plan on adding factory photos and blueprints.  I feel there are two person has it all but only share common knowledge and keep the rest to themself.  I wish to share it with everyone.  I'm working with someone who has started this project.  Please give me time, between the two of us we should have what your looking for.  Good luck


I hope I can help


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Thank you very much, you guys put in alot of time on this stuff.  Any thing helps. If I can offer any thing let me know I have 1917 a 1923 and getting a 1923 coupe.  Roger

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