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1929 custom stutz

md murray

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Really curious to see what folk's feelings are about this vehicle. Obviously whomever pieced it all together committed total sacrilege in doing so but you have to admire their ingenuity and ambition. If someone could make that line from the hood to cowl work a little better I think it would really be something.




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22 minutes ago, md murray said:

RM is pretty much grasping at straws pointing out that by the 1950s the parts would have been too valuable to use in a project like this. It's a shame that there's no history on the build -I'll bet it's a cool story.   


You need to appreciate the art that goes in to those descriptions.   They tell the story without telling the story.  


The engine in that car was worth 45k not too long ago and there is probably another 10k in parts between the wheels and instruments and two speed, etc.   So theoretically, it is a 55k assemblage of parts.  


A period picture from 1938 showing all the parts glued together would double that number or more.   But one would think that the picture would have materialized by now.   When I started researching my car,  I had something like 1/2 dozen different period pictures from different sources within 90 days.   Cool stuff was always photographed in period.




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I think it very interesting, but the Cadillac Grill shell did nothing for me - it is a shame they did not make something more generic or just use a Stutz part, but ....  Yes, photos of it could surface in the future, but it has been around a long time too.  It probably would help to have more information about what owner thought it was, where it was, and ....  Running - it would probably be a blast to have some fun with. 

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17 hours ago, md murray said:

Surpassed it's high estimate by roughly 37% ending up @ $110k. -I can't help but wonder what the new owner's plans will be for this?   

Don’t forget the 11% vig to uncle Rob.  Roughly 122k all in. Strong price considering the very nice Real BB brought much less.


The history shouldn’t be impossible to unwind.  

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