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1922 Cadillac Suburban?


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Hi Greg ! Yes, I got a call from Patrick Reeve last week; his son, about to turn 21 bought it. The car is in superb shape. Real shame it was taken apart. I mean, the old wrench even TOTALLY dismantled the brakes. Right down to the last pin, etc. At least, the car being 2-wheel brake, they will not have to figure which end the brake bits came off of. This parts pile was well stored. Old tires were kept unloaded, and have no visible degradation at all. Headliner, instrument panel and more in great shape. They just had the car transported to Upper N.Y. and are going through and inventorying everything. What a perfect project for a young enthusiast !

And with the family business, should the engine need work, some of the finest engine builders will not be far away. The porcelain on the exhaust manifolds is perfect, so the engine has not had a hard life. I hope a restoration topic will begin here. Someone should have given the the predatory dismantler a player piano and a half dozen pinball machines out of the '50s to keep his ambitious, curious, pudgy potato peelers occupied, and the old Cadillac left to rest intact and in peace.    -   Carl 


P.S. Patrick would like to have a parts manual for '22 - '23 Cadillacs. Can anyone help ?





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That was the 1970s. I purchased my '27 Cadillac at just about the same age and it was in like condition. I got constant flak from "old time" collectors because...1. it was a closed car (horror of horrors) and 2...because I adamantly refused to "restorate" it. I wish this new owner well. At the very least, when its back together, he'll know just about everything there is to know about it.


I can't even think about another project but this one was tempting...



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CC, that is EXCELLENT news!

Thanks for the follow up.  I too hope a  resto thread starts up here for this car. 

Can't explain why but really liked this one.


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9 hours ago, C Carl said:

P.S. Patrick would like to have a parts manual for '22 - '23 Cadillacs. Can anyone help ?




Here ye' go 


A v63 book is probably more useful if it also lists interchange parts - from my experience the book lists exact interchange parts if it is a different design it's not listed (with the exclusion of things they sold separately in the accessories book like the manifolds) 


Feel free to share my email address with them Carl if they need any assistance 

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