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1964 Dodge 880 sedan - $9,000 - Mount Vernon, OH - Not Mine

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1964 Dodge 880 sedan - $9,000 - Mount Vernon, OH


'64 dodge 880, beautiful car! Excellent condition, must see! 78k original miles! Runs and drives great! V8 361ci 2b with push button transmission!

Contact:  Jack Haggerty  (740) 3-five-8-3-nine-5-zero

Copy and paste in your email:  6580fc37d9fd36a6a44a6f93ee561df7@sale.craigslist.org


I have no personal interest or stake in the eventual sale of this 1964 Dodge 880 sedan.

'64 dodge 880 OH a.jpg

'64 dodge 880 OH b.jpg

'64 dodge 880 OH c.jpg

'64 dodge 880 OH d.jpg

'64 dodge 880 OH e.jpg

'64 dodge 880 OH f.jpg

'64 dodge 880 OH g.jpg

'64 dodge 880 OH h.jpg

'64 dodge 880 OH i.jpg

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2 hours ago, Fossil said:

At that time in my life I was all Mopar but that is one model I have no recollection of.


My understanding of this large Dodge is:


For 1962, Dodge reduced the size of their cars, having

mistakingly heard that Chevrolet was going to do the same.

The  1962 Dodges were therefore significantly smaller,

and in many people's eyes, they were grotesquely styled.

Sales were poor.  As a stopgap measure midway through

the model year, Dodge reintroduced a large model by 

taking the Chrysler body shell and adding Dodge front styling.

The model 880 continued for a few years.


     Here is a regular '62 Dodge for comparison:




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The motivation for the Dodge 880 was all John S. describes and more.  When the dealers were shown the downsized, wildly-styled 1962 Dodges, they were livid they would have no full-sized Dodge to appeal to and retain their traditional customers.  Dodge management quickly ginned up the Custom 880 by combining the 1961 Polara front clip mounted on the 1962 Chrysler Newport body.   The Custom 880 was introduced January 21, 1962, succeeded in placating the unhappy dealers while producing a respectable sales volume of 17,505 for the short year.   The 1963 received a conventional front restyle (28,266 sold) and the 1964 the attractive rear styling seen on this car (31,760 sold).  The 880's were a real stopgap measure, remain obscure now since the survival rate is low.  

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My Dad used to have a 1964 Custom 880 convertible. It was a light cream color and he had it painted an ugly green color which was never buffed out. Never liked that color he decided on, but the car was a fantastic driver. It belonged to an executive of Chrysler and was loaded.

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