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Oldsmobile 1951 VIN plate , trim color code


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can anybody help me to understand what is showing on my car vin plate :

Style # 51-36670 TX

Body # L 161

Trim # 15  ( I need to know what is the color of the interior trim for 15 code )

Paint # 50 ( I think this is black color for external paint )

Top # ACC


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Aly, this is not the VIN plate, this is the body plate. Here is what it says:

51 = 1951

3667DTX (and not 36670TX): Super 88 Deluxe convertible coupe with hydraulic top control 

L = assembly plant Lansing MI

161 = production sequence

Trim #15 = red leather

Paint # 50 = black

I don't have the codes for the top nor accessories. I seems that there is nothing on your plate.

The VIN plate is on the LH body pillar post. Your VIN will be 518L....

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14 hours ago, Roger Zimmermann said:

Serial number or vehicle identification number...Technically it's the same! Most people now are only have the VIN in their mind, therefore, I don't do the difference.



So...it's the same, but different?  🤣


The VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) is a 17-character alphanumeric string that encodes certain information about the vehicle.  It is in a standardized format and location (left corner of the dash near the windshield).  Before 1981, cars had serial numbers that varied in format, length, location and information provided.

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If you look at the picture below, you will see that GM said in 1973 already, that the 13 character string was called a... VIN. Further: the location behind the windshield came much later on cars made in Europe when not exported to the US.

The serial number or VIN is used to identify the vehicle on the title or the document belonging to the vehicle. This is why I wrote that to me it's the same.

VIN card.jpg

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Could make an article out of Identification numbers whether serial, motor, body, or production.

They just are found in different places and have different encoding. For modern cars the decode is usually found on the first pages of the factory service manual. Pontiac was using encoded body and serial numbers before WW-II but before VINs there was usually about a page required to list the codes for a year.


Documentation is everything. Pontiac has PHS now but even before that there was a lot of information available.

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