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1954 Buick Special in Tucson, AZ


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Hi, first time Buick owner and thought I would introduce the car.


1954 Special bought from a local pest control company that used cars as advertising around town. I bought it expecting a non running car but the 264 is alive and well. Brakes are good, all lights work so my last task is to get the 3 on the tree to shift properly and it will be enjoyed often.



Some quick pics:


The Thunderbird hubcaps have been replaced with Buick wheel covers for that year. Since the cars were always unlocked when displayed around town a few parts are missing: wiper motor, some dash knobs (can't find those items anywhere) and the front seat will need to be re-upholstered ASAP.


Shifting is almost impossible at the moment, I think I will need to adjust the linkage on the steering column inside the engine bay.




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It is mostly complete. I'm not too worried about the missing wiper motor or heater that's disconnected. Neither is really needed in the desert.


I currently have reverse and 1st gear only. So my goal is to free up 2nd and 3rd soon, that arm is completely stuck.

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