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  1. Thanks, looks like 3 had already been replaced and were brass. I replaced the last one, flushed one some funk from the block and will run Thermocure for a few weeks to really get the rust out. It drives great, it's an enjoyable car.
  2. It's excellent news! I've been working on it as time allows, and getting my youngest one to help since he loves cars too. He's only 8 but I was able to take him on the main road by the house this morning and row through all the gears with zero issues. The transmission doesn't leak as much as before, I suspect someone overfilled it at some point. One of the freeze plugs has a pinhole in it, so I'll replace it today and the Buick will be on short errand duty after that. The paint is cleaning up nicely. Thanks again for the pic and comments, it was helpful.
  3. Excellent, thanks for posting the pic, Chris. I drained the transmission tonight, refilled with Royal Purple Synchromax and was able to get 2nd and 3rd.
  4. A little back story on this car: apparently well maintained but never driven since it was a display car for a local pest control company. I finally starting turning wrenches on it this past week, whenever I could spare a few minutes. I have driven it up and down my street in 1st gear, the transmission is getting quieter by the day. But I cannot get 2nd and 3rd, at all. The lever on the steering column is free and clean, I removed both rods connecting it to the transmission and made sure everything worked as intended. As far as I can tell: no issues there. I peeked under the car tonight and I will be giving the transmission a full re-seal ASAP. But I also noticed that the 2nd/3rd lever at the transmission side looks a little....wonky ? Can anyone confirm what the lever is supposed to look like ? I checked online and I think the brackets where the spring attaches to the rod is either wrong or possibly turned 180 degrees. Here are pics, any feedback would be appreciated. My goal is to drive the car for a few weeks (months) while I finish up another car in the garage. I don't want to dive into the Buick with its leaks and oil everywhere next to a car that's in the process of being prepped for paint.
  5. It is mostly complete. I'm not too worried about the missing wiper motor or heater that's disconnected. Neither is really needed in the desert. I currently have reverse and 1st gear only. So my goal is to free up 2nd and 3rd soon, that arm is completely stuck.
  6. Hi, first time Buick owner and thought I would introduce the car. 1954 Special bought from a local pest control company that used cars as advertising around town. I bought it expecting a non running car but the 264 is alive and well. Brakes are good, all lights work so my last task is to get the 3 on the tree to shift properly and it will be enjoyed often. Some quick pics: The Thunderbird hubcaps have been replaced with Buick wheel covers for that year. Since the cars were always unlocked when displayed around town a few parts are missing: wiper motor, some dash knobs (can't find those items anywhere) and the front seat will need to be re-upholstered ASAP. Shifting is almost impossible at the moment, I think I will need to adjust the linkage on the steering column inside the engine bay.
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