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1930 Daily Driver, Franklin sedan

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1930 Air Cooled Franklin Sedan
This is the First Car that had a Revolutionary Airplane- Type Engine …. Air Cooled
The 1930 Franklin engine produces the greatest power for cylinder capacity of All automotive power plants of it’s time. It traveled from New York to Los Angles in 69 hours, 31 minutes – a new all-time record for 1930... It was a high end luxury car of it’s era, holding it’s own with Packard and Cadillac. This car is not restored to original showroom condition, but has been rebuilt and renewed, to make it a DAILY DRIVER ….. for safe use on today’s highways…..

It has four wheel, Rebuilt, Hydraulic brakes, on 14” drums …. Full elliptic springs for a smooth ride, even on rough roads….. Recently Rebuilt, Fully Balanced, High Compression, 6 cylinder Air- cooled engine, putting out 105 hp…. Recently Rebuilt 4 speed transmission…. Powder coated wire wheels, with new, 6 ply tires….. New, Real Leather upholstery….very comfortable seats, with interior fully insulated, with sound proofing…. New safety glass installed, after recent paint job….. 12 volt conversion, with new, Bright, LED Headlights, Tail lights and Turn Signals….. It has original, Trunk/Luggage Rack and Dual Side mount spare tires on Powder coated rims…..

This car has been driven all over the USA, from coast to coast and from the Deep South up into Canada to the Northwest Territory, Arctic Circle and back… It will cruise all day long comfortably at 55 – 60 mph, accelerating up into the 70’s when needed….. It is truly a Fine Touring car, Ready to be Driven Often…. I have all written records, of all the work done on this car, since 1944…… It has a clear New Mexico Title in my name, and is presently insured and Driven….

This Beautiful, Full Classic Automobile is priced to sell on today’s slow, virus restricted Market….. I will accept $16,000























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First question : Can the seats go back as modern people are usually taller than people from the thirties , I am in anyway .

Second : About the noice level , since its air cooled i would think it makes more noice than a watercooled  engine , but to be honest never saw or heard one in my life yet .I think there are almost none in Europe that i know of .

But i wish you succes in your sale !

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3 hours ago, sunnybaba said:

... rebuilt and renewed, to make it a DAILY DRIVER ….. for safe use on today’s highways…..


Really?  Would anyone use a 90-year-old Franklin as

his everyday car?  Have you yourself done something

like that, Sunnybaba?  That would make an interesting

magazine article--even a feature article in your local newspaper!


Today, we might marvel at that possibility, but someone

who was around in the 1930's, like my 100-year-old friend,

might say, "Sure!  Of course!"

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Daniel ... The front seat does move back and forth on sliders, like a modern car... it is all the way back right now, because I am 6' 4" tall, 200 lbs..... very comfortable and lots of leg room for a big person.    The noise level is not any louder than any other vintage car of this era... it does not have a propeller type fan that blows air it is a rotating drum type fan..... which is quieter... But I insulated the fire wall and floor boards as well as the doors and kick panels etc... with sound proofing... which makes it quieter than most..

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John S... Yes I use it as a daily driver.... we live a very rural area.... 18 miles of dirt road to a small town... then all the paved roads within a 100 miles of that town are 35-55 mph speed limits, with very little traffic...... nearest freeway is about 100 miles away... and I like to take all the secondary, back roads when traveling from state to state.... but it will cruise at 60 mph , all day long.. with out strain.... very nice touring, long distance driving car... but also fun to take it into town too.... that is what I so enjoy about pre-war vintage cars & trucks... is it sets you back in time .... to a slower pace of Life.... where the journey, and not the destination, is the Joy... so every excursion out to town ... is a Joy ride... 


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Hi Sunny,Nice car! Just thought I'd ask, would you be interested in an even trade for a 35 Buick 41 series? I've had the car since the mid seventies when it received a non frame off restoration including a motor rebuild and new interior which still looks presentable. I recently striped it down to bare metal and repainted it with epoxy primer and acrylic urethane not a perfect job but not bad as I'm not a professional by any means. I'm in Florida and the car never overheated. I've had air cooled VWs before and I like the idea of an air cooled car in Florida.By the way,does the windshield crank open? Just wondered and have a great day and stay healthy. Oh I forgot,I put a 6volt electric fan in front of the radiator just in case I needed it but never had.I can send pictures. It's almost the same color as yours.If you're not interested I truly understand. Only thing I don't like about mine is it's geared too low but I don't do any highway driving anyway.Thanks,Greg.

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Not going to Trade .... at this time.... UNLESS,     it was a 1929 to 1934  Truck, in real good running condition.... maybe an original survivor, or older restoration.......... but a Driver...... flat bed , panel or pickup

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Speed, comfort, silky ride......quality pre-war touring...... bright dual brake lights, dual rear view mirrors...... backup lights and bright turn signals.... keep up with traffic and be safe on the road... such a deal....   Who could ask for More....???           I am...... considering taking less... to help with the shipping transport cost.... Any Real interest..????                 505-990-6008








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