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1941 Studebaker President


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In honor of what would have been my Mom's birthday today I wanted to post a photo of her next to what I think is a 1941 Studebaker President.


I've seen it in color home movies of the day and know that it was tan and brown and took the family from NJ to Yellowstone as late as 1948 or 49.  If I remember the story correctly my Grandfather got a carb adjustment while he was out there to deal with the higher elevation.

This photo was taken in  '42 or '43 at a cottage at the Jersey shore.



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Very nice medium-priced $1,180 car, its a 1941 Studebaker President Deluxe-tone Cruising Sedan.  The Cruising Sedans were the six-window style with the center-opening doors.  Deluxe-tone refers to the two-tone color option on the accent panel between the chrome molding and the top being different from the main body.  Studebaker offered a number of attractive two-tone color combinations.  Raymond Loewy Associates contracted to do Studebaker's styling since 1936, hired many of the great talents of those days.  The studio was headed by none other than Virgil Exner.

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