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1932 Ford Model B Deluxe Sedan *SOLD*

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*SOLD* We all know why the '32 Fords are special, but when they debuted the V8 was far from a sure thing. Henry Ford, being Henry Ford, decided to hedge his bets and continue the tried-and-true 4-cylinder engine as well. The V8 was obviously a runaway hit, but the guy who bought this handsome Deluxe sedan wasn't interested--he loaded it up with sidemounts, a trunk rack, cowl lights, and a heater, all of which drove the price beyond the sticker on a V8 car. And in 1932, at least, the Model B was not a significant step down from the V8 in terms of performance--they added significant improvements for the Model be, not the least of which was 25% more horsepower for a total of 50--not far off from the V8's 65. In addition, the Model B got a balanced crank, a proper oiling system, and actually made more torque than the V8, so you might be surprised by how lively it feels on the road. I've driven a few Model As with Model B engines in them, but this '32 feels far more polished and sophisticated than the A. And there's a significant savings when you buy a Model B--this handsome sedan is about 30% cheaper than a comparable V8.


This is a known car and has been freshened as needed throughout its life, but I don't believe it has ever been fully disassembled for a restoration. It has certainly been repainted, but that was some years ago and it has a bit of patina that seems completely in line with the rest of the car's condition. The dove gray paint works rather well with the black fenders and red pinstripe, which makes it look flashy but not inappropriate. Sidemounts give the relatively little Ford a big car look and I still think the front end is among the most handsome ever installed on an "everyman's" car. Nice chrome accents the paint work and I'm particularly fond of the wind wings. Out back there's a trunk rack that makes it a bit of a practical tour car and dual taillights are a good idea for safety. It's really a nice looking little car.


I believe the interior is mostly original aside from the carpets, which are obviously replacements. It mostly feels like a Model A, particularly the big steering wheel, although the gauges in the center of the dash are a bit more upscale than the A.There's a bit of wear on the mohair where someone has been sliding in and out for a few decades, but the seats are still firm and the back seat is excellent. Door panels and garnish moldings are quite nice and the bud vases are another upscale touch that dress things up a bit. It also has a South Wind heater under the dash, and while I have not tested it (it's gas-fired, not hot water) I do know that my father used a similar heater in the 1941 Buick he drove every day, even in the winter, and that sucker was powerful enough to roast a turkey. Someone has also added an oil pressure gauge under the dash but tucked it mostly out of sight. All the gauges work except the capillary-style fuel level gauge, which isn't surprising. A cowl vent (desperately missing in the Model A) and an opening windshield work well with the wind wings to make it breezy but not windy inside, so it's cool on hot days.


Henry's tough 200 cubic inch 4-cylinder engine gives up only 21 cubic inches to the V8, and with the numerous improvements, it's a surprisingly sprightly performer. I don't believe this one has ever been apart, but the 66,314 miles showing on the odometer are believed to be an accurate reading so it hasn't really needed much. It isn't detailed for show, but there's evidence of recent work, including a new leakless water pump, re-cored radiator, Tollitson carburetor, and an electric fuel pump with regulator which runs full time. The '32s got synchronized transmissions so it's a bit more polished than a Model A, and the longer wheelbase and revised suspension tuning give it a better ride. It's still very familiar, but all the rough edges have been buffed away. Standard wire wheels carry older Allstate whitewalls that I would probably replace if I was going to do any extensive touring.


This is the first '32 Model B I've ever driven and I like that it feels both familiar and substantial. The colors are attractive and it's a lot more car for only a little more money than a comparable Model A sedan. The price is $24,900. Thanks for looking!


001.thumb.JPG.10382f8fd4c7a3a4cb7114ab3500efb4.JPG  003.thumb.JPG.3a8af4719021138c5ac5a365b30a67d6.JPG  006.thumb.JPG.54c6b5bcf2066e176185c05cf26502f8.JPG  008.thumb.JPG.f7cdf0b6d28cbaba9fdb2155304dcf2f.JPG


029.thumb.JPG.3c2922c76a806383197ea5a36140f40c.JPG  030.thumb.JPG.91bec99c542ab628873888a4aa70cacc.JPG  037.thumb.JPG.00a6d012ce8cf74ad2050f4069e08317.JPG  038.thumb.JPG.0317278ffbb1b6d4d7ff3811b1e50684.JPG


040.thumb.JPG.5ccdef2629ec18a08f7a2e3c23dee5c1.JPG  041.thumb.JPG.40f451234ed8e7548e50142309c220b3.JPG043.thumb.JPG.71f95cf82cc7147c0c9535486d8573a7.JPG  057.thumb.JPG.776f09eb1144f7e9d97db8163388c196.JPG


051.thumb.JPG.a1eb16c3c3889e1d11ff1cbb0a89f753.JPG  053.thumb.JPG.d9756271aa75ecf065478505b452855a.JPG  063.thumb.JPG.71ad451e1c89a0fea2d1b2ec3a5ec34e.JPG  066.thumb.JPG.d1e27511ea9fb6dd22860dc8487841da.JPG


069.thumb.jpg.654d0b8f6b8baf0b8638f3cf47c2b528.jpg  073.thumb.jpg.b2aa407f925491a3b610a225e9ee2b32.jpg  079.thumb.jpg.667225269f0268e6f557bbddce7890b3.jpg

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13 minutes ago, mercer09 said:

xlnt car at an extremely attractive price!


this car wont last long.

I agree, I’d love to have it myself, but I’m retired on what is laughingly called a “fixed” income.   I wish somebody would fix mine, it’s broken right now....

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