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Buick 1932 56C windscreen frame

Buick 56 C 1932

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if you get time, give N.C.Industries a call-they're in Sayre, Pa.18840---phone is570-888-6216---Bob  is a real good guy,works with you the best--they have some patterns in stock--he made a new frame for my 32 Studebaker, then I sent it to the wrong plater, well you know the answer to that----good luck---Tom

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Many of the 31-32 GM convertible coupes or cabriolet models used the same windshield frame and roof bow assembly. I don’t know much about the Buick’s but I assume a 56c would mean it’s a 50 series? If so, I believe the frame from a Chevy, pontiac, and an Oldsmobile would be the same except for a few slight changes. The side post, which you don’t show I believe would be exactly the same. Your lower frame has a fluted pattern which doesn’t match the other three but if the frame is the same physical size, one could probably put the flutes into it and then have it plated. Yours could also be repaired by a reputable chrome shop depending the extent of the damage. The frame bolts through from the back and top so I would be concerned about the condition of the wood dash cross piece under the metal also. If your door window frame is damaged, there’s a good chanc it is also the same as those other cars and there is a gentleman who make very nice SS reproduction ones. Hope this helps.

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On 3/19/2020 at 6:50 PM, Buick 56 C 1932 said:
The window frame is disassembled and dismantled, only 1 half of the lower frame can be used again.





Did U manage to fix this? And how? I have the same problem on left side for my 56C. Do U have any spare parts? Oil cooler / oil temperatur regulator and the shocks adjuster, spark plugg cover are needed.

Jørn Stampe Hansen, Norway





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