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Free 1982 Sinatra Imperial EFI running!


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Well today was the day! For the first time since 1997 the sinatra imperial was brought back to life. I got this car for free from San Francisco with a dead efi. Over the last several months I collected efi parts from anywhere and everywhere. I took it to a very knowledgeable shop that specializes in early fi. 

Dropped the tank and had it cleaned. The in tank pump was very dead so installed a fuel pickup from a Córdoba. Mounted an external pump with new wiring and hoses and filters matching original specifications. 

they flushed out the lines several times and installed nos imperial efi parts including a hydraulic plate, etc. Then guess what it fires right up! 

next are the rest of the fluids, brakes and ac as well as a wiper repair and tailpipe. It’s running better and better as it’s on for more and more ! 

Few Efi equipped Imperials survived and I don’t know of one sinatra running an efi. 



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Great story! Saving one of these underappreciated icons, will be serve you well as you tell the story of a car that few now remember. You can go to a hundred car events and not see another one. I chased a beautiful example that belonged to an elderly couple but it got away. I thought it had been scraped until a friend showed up with it. 

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I heard from the second owner today after I sent some videos of it running for the first time since 1997:


“Dear Wes,
Well, this made my day.  I bought this car many years ago from a dealer near the S.F. airport.  I used it as my everyday car for years, but then it stalled when I was going over the Golden Gate Bridge, which was very intimidating,  and I didn't think I could trust it after that.  I had a local garage work on the FI and it ran for a while but I just put it aside and got engrossed in other projects.  I am an Imperial collector and a big F.S. fan, so it was only natural to buy this.  Congratulations on saving it!!!!!!“


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Impressive! I've always wondered how many 1981-1983 Imperials were switched to carburetors simply because mechanics of the day did not understand EFI or were uncomfortable with it.


A little Imperial background from the folks at Allpar:



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