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What make and model do these fit?


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Those wheels appear small like 15" or so,small for what period they appear to be. They remind me of those Kelsey-Hayes accessory wheels all the early Ford guys are nuts over. None that I ever saw had that strip across with the threaded stud tho or a double rolled bead. From what I can see the strip looks original,not a later weld-on. Can you see a name or a KH between the bolt holes front or more likely in back? And as recommended above,get tire size,hole pattern,width between beads,etc. If all the measurements are in inches and not millimeters they could be a custom wheel that came out in the fifties or sixties with their own bolt-on hubcap. In that case there should be interest in them from several directions of the car hobby. In any case,that strip could be removed and a conventional hubcap used.

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