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Convertible top boot color and vendor

David Bouwer

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Hello all,


I'm restoring my grandfathers' 1956 Buick Super convertible. Currently ready to order a new convertible top boot. A couple of questions though:

- First of all: What would be a good vendor for the boot? I'm looking at convertibletopguys since they specialize in tops only, but do any of you have experience with them?

- What would be the factory correct color? The car is harvest yellow with a red interior and a black convertible top. That being said, the dash top is black, as are the tops of the door panels. The boot that came of the car was black, but that might be a replacement also. Any idea's?




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I'm no authority but can tell of my experience.


I had my top done at RM Restorations in the 80's.

When it came to the boot (cover) the shop foreman told me that it would be red like the body colour and I told him I'd think about it. The one being replaced (which already had been replaced at one point earlier) was black.

With dash top and tops of doors being black I went with black and prefer it.

I don't have the car judged or plan on it but you might check with the technical guys and see what they say if you don't get more advice here.



Ya, Participants Choice Award at a charity fund raiser show was kinda nice...

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55 minutes ago, lancemb said:

The 57 I had had the original boot and it was white like the seats, despite having a black dash and upper door trim.


Guess I could have gone either way then with the seats being black & white.

My top is white if that plays into the equation at all but understand by David's post he is looking to restore to factory specs and wanting advise on such.

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