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Hey Lamar, it is 1 inch deep by 6 inches in diameter. thanks for asking, that information will give a better perspective as to imagine how large it is.

Suffolk County is the eastern half of long island. The location of the two places mentioned was really rural in the 1920s when this was made , I am surprised it was ever made and given out due to the lack of population that could/would afford to buy a car. Note the phone numbers ! "2" that means that at that time there was only two phones in operation. All the phone lines at that time were above ground most likely sharing the pole the wires ran on with telegraph communication.

It is unusual to find automotive related items here on long island that date from the first half of the 20th century and have names of the dealerships etc on them. I have had this about 20 years, did a trade with a friend who had it hanging on the wall of his garage next to his brass era Locomobile and Simplex touring cars.


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