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1960 Pontiac Star Chief parts needed

The Chief

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For gas tank call 218-326-0463. I got a new one for my 63 Bonne. from them.  If you join POCI  you get a website and mag. every month with all kinds of contacts and parts.  Look up Steve Barrack in AZ. Large Pontiac parts cars.

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I have a fair selection of '59-'60 Pontiac Parts ... i have stripped 2 1960 Catalina wagons, currently have a 1959 Wagon & 2 '59 Catalina 4dr sedans.


Gas tanks in these parts cars are always in need of repair so if you can get a Direct replacement, that's a good move. I have 2 tanks from a wagon.... they differ

from a sedan ... I have 1 tank from a sedan.


I have a Drive Shaft from a 4dr Sedan ..... 


Lots of small parts, Chassis parts, interior, seats ... ETC ETC.


I am in Southern California ... I can ship most parts

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