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Not mine- 1925 Buick Model 24 Standard Six on Ebay


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I don't know how to post a link,but there is a nice '25 Buick roadster for sale on Ebay .It may have had some work over the years and the price seems steep to me,but it's worth a look.Item 153748636350.

1925 Buick roadster.jpg

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Looking at all the visible problems.  Incorrect instruments, missing engine and starter generator components, later 1926-1927 headlights and radiator/shell, ancient tires etc. I feel it is priced about three times the value. Again this is a 1925-24A fixed top "enclosed roadster". So no sporty top down effect to be had. It looks like a great start but not for $15,000.


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Hi Larry - How do you tell this is a fixed top ‘enclosed roadster’. From the picture above it looks like a rag top. The reason I am asking is because I have a 25-24 roadster. I have the metal frame and some of the wood bows and pieces of the rag top.  I dont have the top on yet but I would think it would look like the photo above and you would be able to lower the top.



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 I can't call up the ad photos again since it has expired. But as a dead giveaway, the rear body pivot iron will look like this.

A 1926-45A

1089233.jpg.abdeefd8ebcacf9bfc9a93248ecc7965.jpg    1089233.jpg.dbdb2ceb84d4403d5045c73f6ffbc309.jpg

Below a 1925-25A that went to Russia.



019.jpg.9a7aca3665f28cb9e929c7eed243362c.jpg  The pivot steps in instead of going straight back as a foldable top would have. The photos in the ad showed a very clear indication of it.

 The 1926-45A we had negotiated on about a year after I bought our 1925-25 Touring. I was so frustrated with the issues that surfaced on our "Driver Buick" that we were looking for something better. Plus it was nearby in Allentown PA. It was advertised as a 1926 Buick Master Touring Car. My wife and I were thrilled when we saw the great exterior condition.


She wanted to sit in the back seat to get the feel of the car. I opened the rear door and used my left hand to steady myself to climb in and when my hand touched the top prop my heart sank as it turned out to be a fixed top touring. Exterior looked fabulous even in the bright "Re-Sale Red". We did agree on a price which we had to back out of the deal since my son was involved in a car accident and we needed the cash to help him. I was in contact with the subsequent owner and then found out about the host of mechanical issues the car also had.

 It is interesting that the 1925 Model lineup shows these "A" series Enclosed body styles.


The 1929 and 1931 Master parts books only show component part #s listing 1926 "A" nothing for 1925s????? There is nothing in the 1926 Catalog showing any A designation body.

 Possibly using up left over 1925 bodies?


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