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1954 Buick NOS Wheelcover Set $150 shipped.

The 55er

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Wow.  That is a huge bargain, you know that?  While I appreciate the inexpensive offer and often take offense at outrageous ebay pricing and such, you may be leaving money on the table with the price of $150 shipped.  Shipping alone should be in the $40 or more range.


I'm tempted, but these need to go to someone who HAS a 54 Buick or Mr. Earl who is the defacto store house for 1954 Buick parts. 

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 They came stacked in an unmarked cardboard box with the conical slotted cardboard protectors between them to prevent damage. One of the protectors has flaps around the edges shown in the pic with the single cap. My guess is they were originally packed as a set in some kind of a box with a Buick logo on it but I do not have that box. Most of the 1954 newspaper packing crumbled when I touched it. I thought I would offer them for sale first on the forums since there are a lot of Buick people here...........


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