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Well this will be scam number 2 on selling a demountable rim.  The first I posted about three weeks ago.  This one looks to probably be Russian in origin.  Bad grammar, strange words and asking to buy my merchandise with no questions or info about the kind of car they have.   They want me to package it up and give it to "their shipper".  They will send me a check and I am supposed to pay the shipper the excess that they will send me.  No mention where it is going.  They have no idea of how big or what the package weighs but they want all my information.  Are thing s getting so desperate that these people have to do $100 scams.  If I was doing a scam I think that I would have a minimum scam of at least $500.  What would these people do if a person just repeatedly said they "haven't got their check ?  I can't help it but I try to think of ways to screw with the scammers.  Anybody got any good ideas?



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Another thing you are missing is that they will make a “mistake” on the scam check thereby sending well in excess of your $500 estimate... which you can then return (using a good form of payment) along with your parts to his shipping agent.


Its sad to think that this must be working out on someone as they are still trying to use the scam...

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